Martin found a new home already so we were unable to add him to my family. In fact, cats were getting snatched up left, right and centre. It’s good for the cats though to get new homes. There’s so many of them that were left for dead which made me really sad. In case you are wondering, we HAVE added a new member to the family. Her name is Zynthia and she is a highlander. She is currently really sad and depressed so I’m letting her have some time alone (she’s hiding in the back of our storage closet). I pop by once in awhile to try to lure her out with treats, toys and calling her name. She’s extremely tiny for her breed because she was really sick for awhile apparently. She might actually be smaller than my cats back home. Her breed is also supposed to be similar to dogs in personality but I think Zynthia might be completely opposite. I feel sad for her because her family gave her up but kept the other younger more lively cat which probably added to her sadness. Also everyone in that household was smoking in the room. She and her back smells strongly of cigarettes ugh. Anyways I’m hoping that it works out with us. The awkward thing is, right before I picked her up (it took an hour and a half to get there… it’s insane.) the landlord replied my question about pets. No pets allowed. Well, shit. Now we have 4.

Also, I have fallen off the wagon. I’m still eating healthy BUT I have become really lazy with the exercise..

I’m still having trouble with casting but hopefully I will get all of that stuff done soon.

I have my meeting with the Visa office on Tuesday. I really hope everything goes well. I have lots to do here still.


Ich möchte eine Katze~

I apologize for the lack of updates. Life has been crazy as usual but I guess it comes with being in film school. We’ve been working on refining our scripts for the past month. My tutor changes between loving my script to wanting half of it removed each time I see him so it’s a bit rough. I’ve decided to stick to my gut this time around. I think that the only way we can understand is if we make mistakes and learn from it. Right now is the prime time to make mistakes because once we’re out in the real world, mistakes will not be tolerated. Currently I’m working on casting my short. I have cast the mother already. The tough part is casting people with the same ethnicity and accents because I’m casting a mother, daughter and son. The friend can have a different accent. I’ll be meeting with the girl who is auditioning for the friend on Tuesday. The major problem is that most people keep lying about their English ability which really irks me. I don’t have a wide selection for the brother so I think I will have to go with the one with the least noticeable accent. I’m hoping that everything works out!

I have a ton of paperwork to get through for the greenlight meetings on Tuesday. I also have to worry about props, catering (we have no budget whatsoever) and all the minor details. I’m really stressed even though I have a month before my shoot. Also, quite a few actors/actresses have extensive CVs with really good showreels so it makes me really nervous because I am still fumbling around. Anyone have any tips for casting and working with experienced actors on a real set (arguably) with no tutor to point out your mistakes?

Last weekend, I went with some classmates to Leipzig for a bit of a break. It was really nice and refreshing. I was actually a bit worried because everyone has such strong personalities but it worked out well. I hope that we’ll be able to go on another trip together much later. Leipzig is a beautiful city but it’s a bit boring. I don’t really party or drink (I drink less here than I did in Canada which is the oddest thing) but I like having unlimited options. Friday nights are DEAD in Leipzig (Saturday was SLIGHTLY better). We went to the famous street for bars and and there wasn’t really anything to choose from. Granted, I don’t think there’s any place like Berlin so I’m not being very fair.

My roommate and I have decided to adopt a cat. Yes, I know it seems counterintuitive to have rats, a hamster AND a cat in the same household but hopefully it will all work out. We just have to close my roommate’s door when she lets the rats free. We have our eye set on Martin, a 9 year old cat who was abandoned in Spain and almost died. I’ve only seen pictures of him but I’m in love already. Hopefully the lady replies… I fully intend to stay in Berlin for awhile so Martin won’t be displaced 🙂