Happy New Years!

Happy new years everyone! I’ve spent half of my winter break in sunny Thailand and it’s been amazing so far. Tomorrow is (or rather, today) will be my last dayyy! I can’t believe the trip is over already. I wish I planned a longer trip (it was really stupid of me).

Nature has not been agreeing with me as usual. I have around 50 mosquito bites now and I have random rashes as well. I also got seasick while snorkelling which was a bit ridiculous. However, I still enjoyed everything immensely. I have gained a lot of weight because I pretty much ate all day, every day. The food here is unbelievably delicious and cheap. They have pretty much everything here so I stuffed myself silly. I definitely want to come back and experience more things.

I forgot to make my new years resolutions so I shall do them now 🙂

  • Lose weight
  • Fix my health/take care of myself more
  • Make more films
  • Be more creative
  • Make more connections
  • Find a way to make some side money
  • Gain some self esteem

I’ll add more if I think of any.


Choose Wisely

It’s been awhile! I’m currently on my winter break and I’m alone. I’m enjoying it, but I’m also being super lazy. I have a ton of work that needs to be done over the holidays but I’m not in the mood to do it. I really should get a head start on it before I leave for Bangkok though because I don’t want to be typing out my assignments on the beach. Yes, I’m going to Bangkok to visit my roomie 😀 I’ll only be in Bangkok for 4 days tops because the rest of the time we’ll be on the beach 😀 I’m so excited for the sun!

I’m also hardcore missing good Asian food so expect a lot of weight gain for me in the new year haha. My wrist is finally healing now that it has time to rest. I severely cut down on my gaming hours because of all the work we had to do in the last week which helped a bit I think. The biggest is problem is when I’m sleeping because I always wake up with a very sore wrist.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future lately. I finish school in October which is quite soon, considering how this year has been flying by. I want to do cinematography school at some point but I think I need to work for a few years first. I need a break from school. I thought about FAMU in the Czech republic but now that HFF in Potsdam (THE top film school in Germany) is officially a University, I would like to attend there instead (especially with the cheap tuition fees… I believe foreigners can now attend for free). However, it is extremely competitive and I REALLY need to be fluent in German. I’m considering taking intensive German courses after I graduate while searching for internships/side jobs. I know I’ll have to leave Berlin at some point because it’s nearly impossible to get paid film work. There’s too many people coming here for film and not enough paid projects. I can’t be paid in food and alcohol forever.

For now that’s my goal. We’ll see what happens. For now I’m going to work on developing my projects. I have too many ideas but not enough fully developed ones. I’m already thinking about my graduation film. It’s probably going to cost me a ton of money so I really need to make sure that my idea is worth it…

PS: For those interested. Here’s my most recent project. We had to choose a genre and create an opening sequence for a “feature film.” I was not happy about recycling an old idea but I didn’t have any better ideas…

Court The Storm

I’ve decided to start a small project. On impulse, I bought a small moleskin notebook today. I was wondering what I should do with it when I realized that I haven’t touched my polaroid camera since my previous failed project (writing down all the happy things that happens to me and collecting them in a bottle). I will take one picture a day, post it in my moleskin and write a short poem under it. I’m hoping that this will spark my creative juices to bring bigger and better ideas.

Time to pull my focus together and get my goals back on track. I’m going to take this break as an opportunity to reorganize my life and set smaller, achievable goals. Baby steps. I need to stop reaching straight for the stars.

I need to reorganize my room as well to make it a better study space. It will be better once my desk arrives. I still need shelves for my books since they’re just piling around everywhere… I should start writing little reminders for myself everywhere to force myself into better habits.


I’ve had this headache for about a week now. I’ve had periods of dizziness as well. I really need to make time to take care of myself more.

We’re in our final days of writing the scripts. Our showrunner seems to be a nymphomaniac since he keeps trying to push for more sexual things. Our first episode seems really crass and we were told that by actresses who read it. Our fourth writer, due to various reasons, was kicked off the writing team and so I was given the task of writing a new script. I was not very happy about it. Not to mention, he is being extremely childish so I had to be dragged into school today (when I should be writing his script) to be in the indiegogo campaign. It was just not a good day today. The school Directors will be having a long talk with us tomorrow to implement some much needed changes. It’s fucking ridiculous that there’s a solid team dumped with everything whereas everyone else doesn’t show up or pull their weight. It’s frustrating as hell. I can’t wait for Wednesday to lock all the scripts. I want to be done with this part and have a little break before diving into Directing. I can’t even bring myself to watch a movie or read a book because I can’t relax enough to enjoy them.

There’s a few projects that I really want to get started on. Hopefully I will have some time to figure them out after Wednesday. I would like to start blogging about films I’ve seen again and adding in some of the sections that I’ve always wanted to add.

I would also like to continue drawing since I made such huge progress during those two drawing lessons. I might start the advanced level soon but it will have to depend on how our schedule for school looks like in the upcoming weeks. I would also like to take some of her painting classes because I really want to learn to paint. I would like to start writing again just for the hell of it. Not because I have to. I want to be able to collect my thoughts into words. I want to start a youtube channel of covers with my roommate playing piano. I want to turn my ideas into films. I want so many things.

I want to see more things. I want a job.

Updates about Berlin

Since my last post, I have bought my plane ticket. The cheapest ones take around 30-41 hours to GET to Berlin which I thought was absolutely ridiculous. I snagged a slightly more expensive one which will take me the normal amount of time to get there. I will be landing in Berlin on September 20! 😀

Today I received an email about an introductory course that we will be taking on moodle (we meet again..) in the upcoming weeks to prepare for our real classes. It will help us with concepts, writing, learning how to discuss films properly, learn more about the film industry and developing our creativity. I’m quite eager to start as summer usually melts my brain and I feel very unmotivated.

I’m also going to get started on packing after my sister and her baby leaves.


Alright so my preparations are well underway. I just returned from a 4 day trip to Deadmonton from my grandfather’s funeral, it was a very solemn affair especially for my poor grandmother who feels abandoned.. There was some family drama as per usual which I tried to avoid. My sister is currently visiting me in Toronto with her baby (it was a nightmarish flight) so I know that I won’t get much sleep for the next 10 days.

While there, I managed to snag 3 suitcases on sale and managed to save over $700! I only packed a backpack so I managed to shove all the suitcases into eachother and then put in my backpack. I also got a couple of vaccum seal bags to save more space. I’ve signed my contract for my apartment rental, paid the deposit and now all I need to worry about is a plane ticket!

Turns out my friend most likely won’t be going with me as she has still not received a reply to her application. I had to rent the place that we were both going to rent together because all the smaller/cheaper ones I looked up were snatched up. This shall be interesting!