I’m sorry about such sporadic posts. I will try to do a summary of what I’ve been up to since my last post which is quite a bit! I’m procrastinating from the essay that I need to finish for Saturday. It is very short so I don’t think it’s a huge deal.

On Sunday I went to Mauerpark with my friend Nora, joined by Jiji my classmate. We got quite lost along the way but managed to get there eventually. Mauerpark is where part of the Berlin wall still stands, hence the name. It’s a beautiful place actually. There was a very crowded flea market and small stalls of food everywhere. I was able to try currywurst for the first time and it was delicious. We then met up with a group of my other classmates and made our way to a cute little cafe to kill time before the outdoor karaoke started. The outdoor karaoke itself was interesting because it had an amazing crowd of audience. The performers themselves were very good at performing even if some of them were not very good at the singing part. It was a very cool experience!


On Monday we started our first day of class. We were split into two groups: the one year students and I were placed in one (I’m the only year and a half student) group and the two year students were placed with the 8 week screenwriting group. We had a basic overview of film, watched films from older students and got to know one another.

On Tuesday we learned how to storyboard and then were split into two groups. For my group, we had a missing member so one of the staff had to fill in some of the roles for us. We each had to do our own storyboard and took turns filming our ideas with the other members in our groups filling out the roles of camera, sound and acting. Our group managed to finish first with a lot of spare time leftover so we were able to leave early.

Yesterday we learned to edit and spent the rest of the afternoon editing our own little projects before screening it for everyone else. We decided to hangout after class since today is a holiday and we don’t have to wake up early. We met up at 10pm and went to a bar for some drinks before heading to the club. I’m generally not into clubbing but I have to say that clubbing in Berlin is something else. It was inside the back of a bar and we had to go through a trap door into the basement where the club was. It’s a small space with about 50 people and very minimalistic techno music that got stale after awhile. There was a back room which had a slide and couches for people to hangout in. Every once in awhile, the bartender would walk around with plates of pineapple and plates of candy to hand out to people.