Updates about Berlin

Since my last post, I have bought my plane ticket. The cheapest ones take around 30-41 hours to GET to Berlin which I thought was absolutely ridiculous. I snagged a slightly more expensive one which will take me the normal amount of time to get there. I will be landing in Berlin on September 20! 😀

Today I received an email about an introductory course that we will be taking on moodle (we meet again..) in the upcoming weeks to prepare for our real classes. It will help us with concepts, writing, learning how to discuss films properly, learn more about the film industry and developing our creativity. I’m quite eager to start as summer usually melts my brain and I feel very unmotivated.

I’m also going to get started on packing after my sister and her baby leaves.



Alright so my preparations are well underway. I just returned from a 4 day trip to Deadmonton from my grandfather’s funeral, it was a very solemn affair especially for my poor grandmother who feels abandoned.. There was some family drama as per usual which I tried to avoid. My sister is currently visiting me in Toronto with her baby (it was a nightmarish flight) so I know that I won’t get much sleep for the next 10 days.

While there, I managed to snag 3 suitcases on sale and managed to save over $700! I only packed a backpack so I managed to shove all the suitcases into eachother and then put in my backpack. I also got a couple of vaccum seal bags to save more space. I’ve signed my contract for my apartment rental, paid the deposit and now all I need to worry about is a plane ticket!

Turns out my friend most likely won’t be going with me as she has still not received a reply to her application. I had to rent the place that we were both going to rent together because all the smaller/cheaper ones I looked up were snatched up. This shall be interesting!