This blog was started in hopes that I can detail my adventures in film and travel while updating my friends on what I’m up to.

Most people who read this blog will probably know that I’m heading off to Berlin for film school. I have lots of ideas of how to run this blog but it shall be seen whether I am able to do it the way I want. I’m not a consistent blogger and thus I tend to favor tumblr because pressing re-blog of interesting things I like is easier than writing about myself. However, I am hoping to be diligent in running this blog and making my vision work.

I don’t have much experience with film besides watching them so you will be going on this journey with me to learning more about the mechanics of film. Eventually we will go through the journey of putting my own stories and ideas into my films. This will be the main theme of my blog but it will also include film reviews (hopefully more detailed and insightful as I continue on), comments on interesting articles/graphic novels/books, my daily life and adventures in a foreign country (and/or foreign countries), photos and whatever strikes my fancy.

Thank you for reading :)


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