Court The Storm

I’ve decided to start a small project. On impulse, I bought a small moleskin notebook today. I was wondering what I should do with it when I realized that I haven’t touched my polaroid camera since my previous failed project (writing down all the happy things that happens to me and collecting them in a bottle). I will take one picture a day, post it in my moleskin and write a short poem under it. I’m hoping that this will spark my creative juices to bring bigger and better ideas.

Time to pull my focus together and get my goals back on track. I’m going to take this break as an opportunity to reorganize my life and set smaller, achievable goals. Baby steps. I need to stop reaching straight for the stars.

I need to reorganize my room as well to make it a better study space. It will be better once my desk arrives. I still need shelves for my books since they’re just piling around everywhere… I should start writing little reminders for myself everywhere to force myself into better habits.


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