More Sky

On Friday night, after a lovely evening of filming an event for some new friends, I dragged some friends with me to see the exhibition, “More Sky” by Otto Piene. It sounded really interesting and it was the last weekend before it closed.

It was not exactly what was advertised but it was still interesting. They projected art pieces that was originally painted on glass onto fabric hung from the ceiling. The projections changed speed after few minutes and there were various cocktails created for this event. On the night that we went, there was only one and it was alcohol free.

IMG_8892 IMG_8890 IMG_8885 IMG_8881


There’s another exhibition that I want to go to that takes place inside a castle/mansion. There’s also another one inside a bunker which looks wicked. I can’t believe I missed out on the David Bowie exhibition. It’s been around for so long too…

Last night, I had the best silent film experience of my life. My friend and her husband organized a screening of Dr. Caligari at one of the popular clubs in Berlin. Her husband composed the score for the whole film which included a live cello player and a live theremin player mixed with piano and electronic sounds. It was wild. It also took place in the attic of the club which made the experience even more interesting. On the staircase of each floor, there were different people in costumes selling different things. There were people selling popcorn, kaleidoscope necklaces, t-shirts, shots, etc. There were people with incense and there was even one guy who was playing a guessing game. It was really cool. Also, they had some people dressed as characters from the film who would randomly walk by during the film. It was super cool! The music matched extremely well and I hope they release the soundtrack soon!

Unfortunately I didn’t really get to take photos because it was too crowded and dark…

I will be getting an iMac soon! This is really good because my laptop has been dying a lot recently. It freezes every 10 minutes and it’s super annoying. Hopefully this will also allow me to edit better. Also, just in time for Dragon Age Inquisition.



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