I went on a strange adventure on Monday. Our old Documentary tutor emails us once in awhile to ask if we want to join him on his little projects. I usually try to go to all of them because it’s really great for experience. I rarely get to touch the camera nowadays so these little projects are a breath of fresh air.

Twenty years ago, my tutor and his friends dug up the Stalin statue and made a film about it. Recently, the statue has been dug up again but the head is missing and TV channels from various countries are scrambling to interview him. On Monday we filmed him being interviewed by the Russian team. We went to the spot where he dug up the statue all those years ago and ended up getting lost for awhile. It was fun. I got a few mysterious itchy patches because nature hates me as usual.

Also, before that, he asked if we wanted to film his friends performing for Radio Eins, a very big radio station in Berlin. Of course I accepted. We also got to meet Knut Elstermann, one of the top film journalists in Germany. He was really nice and he really enjoys Canadian films so we were able to have a decent conversation. I was not awkward this time! Well… not as awkward as usual.

We also had a two day intensive Production workshop with Sol Bondy recently. I already knew that making money in this business would be near impossible but seeing all the numbers was really soul crushing. He also told us about a Polish film festival which is THE festival for cinematographers so we went to beg our school Directors to find a way to let us go. It’s probably too late to apply to go but I am really reallllly hoping.

I recently wrote something just because I felt like it and it was so refreshing. However, I just realized that it did not save… FML.

Anyways, so many things to do!


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