I’ve had this headache for about a week now. I’ve had periods of dizziness as well. I really need to make time to take care of myself more.

We’re in our final days of writing the scripts. Our showrunner seems to be a nymphomaniac since he keeps trying to push for more sexual things. Our first episode seems really crass and we were told that by actresses who read it. Our fourth writer, due to various reasons, was kicked off the writing team and so I was given the task of writing a new script. I was not very happy about it. Not to mention, he is being extremely childish so I had to be dragged into school today (when I should be writing his script) to be in the indiegogo campaign. It was just not a good day today. The school Directors will be having a long talk with us tomorrow to implement some much needed changes. It’s fucking ridiculous that there’s a solid team dumped with everything whereas everyone else doesn’t show up or pull their weight. It’s frustrating as hell. I can’t wait for Wednesday to lock all the scripts. I want to be done with this part and have a little break before diving into Directing. I can’t even bring myself to watch a movie or read a book because I can’t relax enough to enjoy them.

There’s a few projects that I really want to get started on. Hopefully I will have some time to figure them out after Wednesday. I would like to start blogging about films I’ve seen again and adding in some of the sections that I’ve always wanted to add.

I would also like to continue drawing since I made such huge progress during those two drawing lessons. I might start the advanced level soon but it will have to depend on how our schedule for school looks like in the upcoming weeks. I would also like to take some of her painting classes because I really want to learn to paint. I would like to start writing again just for the hell of it. Not because I have to. I want to be able to collect my thoughts into words. I want to start a youtube channel of covers with my roommate playing piano. I want to turn my ideas into films. I want so many things.

I want to see more things. I want a job.


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