Make your move

I have finished my second day on the set of the second years’ feature film. It’s been quite an interesting experience to say the least. I thought our group was a bit hard to work with for certain shoots but all of our bad ones combined cannot compare to this one. First of all, there’s two Directors and they think VERY differently and don’t have ANYTHING planned out. Yesterday was ALL improvised and thus we took about 13 hours to shoot 4 scenes. There was a lot of fighting in front of the crew AND cast which was very unprofessional. The lead actor is a super diva. No one communicates properly so no one knows anything. The Directors do not print out the scripts so they don’t really know what’s going on. They demand things to be set up a certain way even though they haven’t blocked the actors yet or decided where the scene will take place. There’s also no food or beverages around for the actors ( or crew) which is not good because hungry people don’t work well and it also gives the lead actor more reason to be annoyed with us.

Today I arrived 10 minutes early but no one was there yet. The important people arrived late and no one knew which floor or classroom the scene was taking place or what we’re even filming first. The Directors were the latest to arrive. Basically, this crew and shoot is a complete mess and I don’t know how this film is going to come together (I feel really bad for the 1st AD). I often found myself stuck in the room while they were all screaming at eachother. I also got stuck in room when the tutor was lecturing them about their lack of professionalism. It was super awkward. I was supposed to be camera trainee but I ended up doing a lot of running because people were so inefficient.

However, I AM having a lot of fun being on set (mostly because this is not my film so I’m not as stressed nor do I have to deal with the politics behind it). The tutor insists that I sleep in tomorrow and miss class because we’re shooting from 5pm-4am which will be fun. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow because it started pouring today while we were transporting the equipment into the taxi. I was soaked and it was chilly. Plus everything is all outdoors tomorrow so rain will be VERY bad. Also.. I got roped into being an extra yesterday because of my blue hair. One of the second years (who is one of the co-producers) also got roped into being an extra and so he was basically lying half naked in bed and I had to pretend to be asleep next to him. Well.. that’s one way to get to know each other… Luckily I didn’t have to take off any clothes (well.. just my socks because they were apparently distracting??? O_o). I am only there for the 3 days but I volunteered to help out more if they need me during the rest of the shoot (they said they do) but I’ll be on another shoot from another school on Thursday. However, I realized that I shouldn’t volunteer so much since I need to edit my own film. The volunteers get free food so yeyyy! I’m wondering how the actor will react when my classmate shows up at the end of the week as he is super chatty and the actor has a short temper….



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