I apologize in advance because this is going to be a ranty post.

When you work on a set, especially one that takes place in a colleague’s apartment, DO NOT sleep in their beds when YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING. DO NOT leave a pile of candy wrappers ALL over their bed. DO NOT leave half eaten lollipops all over their things. Do not bitch about people’s professionalism or the way they treat equipment if YOU are going to do NOTHING and sleep all over the apartment all day or almost destroy the camera and laugh it off as if it wasn’t YOUR fault. Do not act as if you’ve been working so hard when you’ve been eating through everything and then when you eat the colleague’s food, place the blame on other set members. Also, do NOT traumatize, or abuse the pets of the household. They live here, you don’t. If you want them removed, kindly ask the colleagues and DO NOT shove the animals around after making them angry. If the actress has to constantly tell you to shutup or remove yourselves, you should probably smarten up and not keep repeatedly doing it. It’s embarrassing and should not even happen. Do not talk about your sexual exploits or party habits in front of the very young and underaged actress. It’s not cool and you sound like a fool. Do not argue for 10 minutes or bitch about a colleague not saying “please” in their sentence when they ask you to do something, especially if you take a million years to get things done (and yes, I DO say thank you). You forfeit the right to whine and bitch if you don’t contribute in a meaningful way. Also, when things get busy and things need to get done, trying to please you with a flowery sentence is the last thing on my mind. Just fucking do it or remove yourself. You want to be appreciated? Then shutup and do your job in an efficient manner.

If these people make it big in the film industry, I might have to shoot myself.

I’m just extra grumpy because I’m STILL covered in rashes from the previous shoot and it’s driving me insane. Oh well, last shoot tomorrow.


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