I have finished filming my short! The day before my shoot, I went to school to help my classmate drop off equipment (because they shot in my apartment) and to pick up my equipment. I had to lug a giant bag full of props and kitchen things. There was also a class with our tutors but I already told the school my DOP and I couldn’t make it because I needed the day to set up everything (everyone else had a day to prepare as well) and the school was fine with it but the tutors got really pissy about it.  So I ended up staying for half an hour in which I was told that I had wayyy too many scenes and shots and that there’s no way in hell I would get everything I wanted and that I should start removing things. I was already panicking because of all the things I needed to prepare but that really freaked me out. Nonetheless, he let my DOP and I go and we had to lug a shit ton of equipment to his apartment (5 flights of stairs and 4 trips up and down). It was hell. My DOP sneakily treated me to lunch which was really sweet of him because he wanted to lessen my stress level a bit. We then ran to pick up a fig rig. I sent my gaffer to pickup my cupcakes and my roommate (who volunteered to run for me on the second shoot day) to pickup some potted flowers. I then had to set dress and picked up 5 bags of groceries for the two days to feed everyone. Can I just express my sadness at how much money I had to spend? It took awhile for us to set up some basic lighting and all the equipment so that we were ready to rock ‘n’ roll the next day.

Before I delve into my shoot, I would like to reflect on the other 2 shoots that I was part of after Karli’s disorganized shoot. Karli flew off to Holland for a break so Simon ended up losing his sound guy. Kaspar got bumped to that position and I was pulled into the shoot as continuity. However, everyone on that shoot was lazy and fooling around so I ended up doing pretty much everything (except lights because I have no idea… and we brought in some second years to help with that). Everyone kept complimenting me on being so efficient but I would rather people take that as a cue to DO THEIR JOBS. Even the actors were becoming annoyed and annoying. There was huge drama as well because Kyle did pretty much nothing (he was lighting) and was being pissy about everything and acting as if the world wronged him. However, we got everything done and it was a great learning experience. I just wished people would work hard on other people’s films because we should be a team and we should treat everyone’s projects with importance.

Then the day after that shoot, I filled in as a runner for another classmate’s shoot because she was shooting in my apartment and I figured I might as well help out a bit. It was supposed to start at 11am but she called us in tears and said that her actress quit and wrote a scathing email to her about how it wasn’t professional enough and that the quality was not up to her standards (it’s a student film, what do you expect?). She had to push the shoot back until 2:30pm so that she could re-write the ending. This left everyone else in a panic because we became worried that our actors would quit. The rest of the shoot went really quickly.

On to my shoot. I felt that I could have been better at directing but I’m still not really sure of how to push actors. It’s something that I’m still working on but I think all-in-all I did decently. I got ALL the shots I wanted and even finished extremely early. I had added an extra hour to the first day because I was really worried about one of the big scenes but we managed to finish half an hour early. On the second day we finished over 3 hours early. Though I realized I forgot to add in an extra shot that I wanted to do for transitional purposes. Admittedly, I didn’t focus on lighting as much as I probably should because my lighting person didn’t really know what she was doing and I’m terrible at lighting. Everyone else kept yelling their suggestions about it at me so that was a bit annoying. I felt very calm and detached during my shoot, I still don’t know if that is a good or bad thing… Also, Kaspar has been getting worse and worse with his talking on each shoot. He begins talking as soon as he walks in til the end of the shoot which is really annoying because it delays everything exponentially. Every time I told him to shut up he would talk back to me which eats up more time. I think someone needs to talk to him about that because it’s becoming a problem on sets. It’s also annoying because my crew was full of immature boys (except for my hardworking DOP) and they all found my lead actress to be very attractive (which I was afraid of) so they spent a lot of time chatting her up. Also I had several food scenes so they would freak out over the food as if they’ve never seen the food before which is extremely annoying because they would keep hounding me on whether they could have it after or not after EVERY TAKE. In the birthday scene, I had cupcakes brought it and they acted as if they have never seen cupcakes before. One of them kept screaming at my extra to pretend to eat hers so he could have it after the shoot and then freaking out WHILE we were filming because she kept taking big bites. It was so annoying and I keep telling them to shut up and chill out. Come on guys, it’s a fucking cupcake. Sometimes I feel like I’m working with little kids. It’s so good to come home and unwind with my cats (yep, crazy cat lady in da house).

All in all, it was a great experience! I can’t wait for the rest of the shoots and the final products. I have realized that I love love love being on set. I would love to be able to move from city to city for 3 months at a time just being on different sets.

PS: I have discovered that, students who graduate from a German school are able to stay another 18 months after graduation to find a job! Also, if I get a job that pays at least 37,000 euros a year, I can get a visa for 4 years! I now know what to aim for. But we’ll see where I end up in a year since I like moving around a lot. I might end up falling in love with another city.


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