Okay, so I’ve been stressing over casting for the past few weeks. Today, I cast the final character in my film! I’m so glad that is over with. Casting is a nightmare because I don’t like rejecting people and there are so many good actors.

Today we shot our commercial for a competition which I hope we win! There’s two more competitions that we’re thinking of entering together. It’s so great that we’re finally planning projects together. The group I originally wanted to shoot with are always busy so nothing comes out of it. However, people that I did not expect to do projects with are turning out to be very dependable people. They’re all willing to support me in my projects (I have a ton of ideas that I want to bring to life) so hopefully in the next few months, I’ll have more material to build a showreel from. I am so excited!

I’m trying to fit as many projects in as possible. I have offered my time to some of my classmates who are shooting on days that I’m free. I mean, it would be nice to have some rest days but it is better to have more experience and to be busy all the time. I also applied to crew for a short film production for another school so hopefully I get a reply for that. I need to stop doubting myself and my abilities because that stops me from gaining more experience. Reinhard also has several ideas to shoot in Austria and he already decided that I’ll be on his crew no matter what so that’s wonderful! I have also told his friend Ute that I am willing to crew for her if she ever needs. She seemed really keen on me being her DOP so I’m crossing my fingers for everything to work out. We also have a bunch of photoshoot ideas so that will be fun too!

I’m finally settling into my life here. I think I have found my place, my passion, my lifelong goal. I really hope that I’ll be able to find a job here after I finish school because that would be amazing. The vibe here is perfect for filmmaking and for trying out different ideas. I’m also slowly building connections here so it will be a little bit easier to get projects off the ground I think.

Currently, I’m trying to find a job because with my current visa, I can work a set amount of days. I would like to have some extra money to make life a bit easier. It’s always nice to have some extra cash lying around especially since we have to fund our own films. Hopefully we’ll win a few competitions and get some money from that!

We may be getting a second cat. I know. We’re crazy. The thing is, we tried to adopt him before but someone got to him first. He was abandoned by his previous family and had a sad history. He just got abandoned by his new family so the people who took him back messaged us to see if we would be willing to take him in. We shall see what happens. We should also start looking into a bigger apartment but I really love my current area…


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