House on a Hill

Huzzah! I have succeeded in getting a long term visa! It was an experience and a half trying to get it but in the end they gave me one that lasts until October 2015 which is much longer than I expected! This means that I have half a year to find a job after I finish school before my visa expires! I would love to be able to move to Berlin long-term (I’m thinking at least 5 years).

I spent the weekend shooting some scenes for one of my classmates, Reinhard (I did sound). It was really cool and I felt like I was part of a real production because he paid for our flights and we stayed at his place and had catering. We also shot at really beautiful locations! I’m actually not part of his crew but he wanted me there because apparently I make him feel calmer and less nervous. Also the night before the shoot, he nearly had nervous breakdown and so Rusanna and I spent a lot of time calming him down. Everything went well during the next two days of shooting. Although, we did have a bit of sound problems during the first day, but everything else went smoothly.


I cannot get over how beautiful this country is. I would love to retire here.


Also Reinhard and Norbert (his friend of over 30 years) have decided that they’re going to find me a nice German guy to marry so I can stay here forever. I swear, everyone here is trying to marry me off. I already told them I’ll marry my roommate if it comes down to that since she’s willing AND we know each other so well.


Besides that, Reinhard is intent on having me on his crew for his documentary project (which is the module after our current one) which means, MORE AUSTRIA FOR ME! He’s thinking of documenting a hunter in the mountains which will be very interesting. I’m already planning my next break to be in Austria so we might even be able to shoot it then! He wants me to be his DOP which I would be very excited to do. I also met another one of his friends who lives in Vienna. She has several film ideas and I already volunteered to be on her crew if I have the time. I would love to shoot in Vienna!

I’m still slogging through preparations for my own shoot. I’m not enjoying having to spend so much money on my shoot but I also really want it to turn out well. Casting is the worst part but I only have to cast the brother now. I’m crossing my fingers for the cast to be all set by the end of this week. We officially start shooting on Tuesday and I’ll be 1st AD on the shoot. However, Karli (the Director) has not sent us ANYTHING yet so I think I’m going to have a tough job being his 1st AD. The last time I was in a meeting with him, he wasn’t even finished his script. We shall see how it goes.

This Thursday we are shooting a commercial for a contest. Hopefully everything goes well!

Also, my epic fail during the trip.

2014-03-30 13.42.04



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