Ich bin sehr beschäftigt…

Life is getting busy again. We have a new location scouting assignment and we each have to make a fancy poster with the intel that we gather. We’re spending the next week learning to use the new school cameras, while planning out how we’re going to shoot our short films with two tutors. I’m really excited for that aspect! We’re also taking part in two film contests. For one of them, I’ll be working on two projects because I got asked to join two groups woo! I’m not sure if I want to take part in the second competition or not yet. All the work is piling up. I need to start scouting for locations and casting for my short film. I have a LOT of planning to do to prepare for the shoot ahhh! Life is getting crazy busy. I have decided against joining the acting class because I might have to miss a few. Besides, I’m not sure if I can part with such a large amount of money (I’m attending a bunch of concerts, have to pay for my residence permit if I can get it and I have some travel plans) since I paid for German class. Also, the school has asked us to join a 25k relay in May. I hate running so this will be interesting. I have to start training and changing my eating habits so that I don’t die. Hopefully I will lose weight haha.

I will be going to Austria during my Easter break to help out one of my classmates with his shoot. I’m excited! I’m also heading to Leipzig with some classmates next weekend. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Leipzig so I’m excited! I can’t go anywhere during my March break because my appointment to get my residence permit is in the middle of the week. I have a concert that week so it’s fine.

Oh yeah, my tutor and I are finally starting to understand eachother. Baby steps.


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