Decisions, decisions.

After my last two tries, my tutor is finally likes my third script. I went extremely personal with it which made me very nervous. I feel a bit too overexposed and I had to modify a lot of it to make it less cultural. I’m still not very happy with the ending but I have time to fix it. For now, I’m just relieved that we have finally agreed on something.

I’m contemplating taking an acting course which lasts for 15 weeks. There are several obstacles though. First of all, I start my German course on Monday and it’s twice a week which will add a lot of extra work on top of the huge load that I have for school. I’m already incredibly stressed and barely have time for a social life. Okay, my social life does not exist. Second of all, I intend to continue the writing group with my girls which is not working out too well due to everyone being sick all the time. However, we want to start some film projects outside of school which I need to figure out the logistics of. We also start shooting at the end of March until mid-May so I’d be pretty busy with all of that.

This acting course seems really intense and I would need to meet up with my scene partners to practice on top of the 3 hour sessions. Taking this course will help me a lot with directing actors I think because it will allow me to understand the way they work better. I’ll sleep on it for a few more days before deciding I guess. I’m worried for my sanity… AHHHH.


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