I will update with the rest of my Berlinale experience later because I don’t feel like it today.

The past two days have been really rough. My script didn’t go down very well yesterday but everyone else had the same problem so it was alright. I ended up changing my script today and he still picked it apart. I realized that we have VERY different opinions on films so we will never agree on anything. We also have different outlooks on life so that is also a big part of why we cannot agree on anything. It’s a bit rough though because our last tutor told us to be really ambitious with our ideas and go as big as we can. Our current tutor wants us to write really simple stories and be as small as possible. He wants us to write something about daily life. I’ve seen his film and it’s not my kind of film and I feel that he’s trying to push us in that direction. I value his opinions and I’ve tried to compromise to accommodate his suggestions without compromising my own ideas but it’s not working. I am going to refine my idea and just deal with it because we’re not going to agree on anything anyways.

How do you know when to stay firm with your ideas and when to follow what the tutors tell you? Each one has different opinions but at the same time, I don’t know if my idea is good enough for me to stand firm with. It’s tough but I’ll figure it out eventually. For now, I’m really glad that there’s no class tomorrow so that I can focus on my script without feeling attacked and singled out.

Also, I would like to point out that people should NOT write about another culture, if they know NOTHING about it. Google translating dialogue into a language should not be done. It does not save your already murky reputation. Also, do not change the race of the person to another race that you know nothing about when the tutor points out that you have the wrong facts.


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