So Berlinale has officially begun! I’m very excited as we’re getting accreditation through our school and thus we get to attend 90% of the programme for free. The only downside is having to line up at 6am each day to pick up tickets for the next day (luckily we can take little naps afterwards). We queued this morning and managed to snag tickets to The Grand Budapest Hotel and American Hustle. I already have tickets for Nymphomaniac I, the long version. I counted the films and workshops that my roommate and I intend to attend and we have over 27 items. I feel like our eyes are going to fall out by the end of it but it will be worth it. Our school has been sending us random emails of homework that we have to do, which I do not mind, but I would have liked if they had told us in advance and all at once instead of thinking of new assignments every couple of days. Since I have to do write-ups for school anyways, I might post up my short reviews on the things I attend on here in case anyone is interested. I’m still not very good at reviewing or giving feedback yet but practice makes perfect right?

Queuing today was not very fun because I am SO sore from working out the past couple of days (yes, I am VERY out of shape..) and I also tripped and fell on the stairs yesterday so my knees were a bit banged up. Plus, I had to help my roommate shove a 48kg piano up 5 floors. It was a grand ole time.

We finally have our new school groups and schedules. It has become sort of boys vs. girls which is a bit odd because in the boys group, there is one girl and in the girls group, there are two guys (I’m still with my Austrian father ;D). This shall be very interesting indeed. We will be shooting all of April and half of May and then editing for the rest of May. Let the fun times begin…

I have recently discovered Pierre Hermé online and I MAY currently have a stash of macarons in my fridge *shifty eyes*. I guess I’ll have to workout extra hard and be more diligent about it now.


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