Her was a good film. I was a bit wary about watching a film where a guy has a relationship with his OS. However, I think it was done really well. Is it weird that Joaquin’s character makes me think of Leonard from BBT?

I felt that the film was very thought-provoking. We are now living in a technology based society and our lives are heavily governed by social media. Sometimes, people forget how to have real relationships because they are busy living in the online world. But it also brings up the fact that some people don’t know when to let go of someone, even when all the signs are there. Instead, they want to trap the person, holding tightly in hopes that they can control the situation. I feel for Leonard but at the same time, he refuses to let Catharine go and he’s so afraid of moving on that he starts dating an OS. Sometimes we project onto other people without realizing it. Instead of setting them free to grow, we drag them down (in the case of Amy and Charles). Sometimes the best thing for two people is to let go and move on. Maybe sometimes it’s better to be alone, to learn to be alone. I think I connected most with Amy’s character.

My main criticism is the montage scenes. There were a lot of them and we didn’t need that many of them. It didn’t give us any new information and I understand that they were trying to make him seem really lonely. However, we already know this and don’t need to be bashed over the head with it repeatedly.

It also brought up some alarming questions. Is this what our future will be like? Will we be so used to technology playing apart in every aspect of our life that we forget how to connect with real people? Does having a relationship with someone that doesn’t exist  make it any less real? Does it count as a relationship? I mean, I don’t want to throw Japan under the bus but stuff like this is already happening over there with it being legal to marry 2D characters and all. Any thoughts?

Overall, it was a good film about relationships, learning when to let go and trying to form new relationships amidst this highly technological world.


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