As most people know, I am a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston so of course I had to catch the live broadcast of Coriolanus (I was unable to acquire tickets to the live production in London). Prior to this, I had not heard of Coriolanus as it was not one of Shakespeare’s most well known plays. I ended up missing the first ten minutes due to taking the wrong train.

The play was done well in my opinion. It’s a tragic story which is right up my alley. The standout performances to me was Mark Gatiss, Tom Hiddleston, and Deborah Findlay but I think it was also because they had the meatier roles. Deborah really amped the game with her emotional performance. Proud, angry and then consumed with sorrow and desperation for her beloved son, she pulled it off really well. I especially loved the end when she was trying to appeal to her son’s human side, trying to lure out the boy that she raised out of the vengeful beast that he had become. Of course, you can’t help but also feel for Coriolanus, a man who did so much for his country but was unable to deal with the cruel side of politics. I’m glad to be able to see it!


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