Ich habe eine anstrengende Woche.

Today was the last day of my German class. I have decided to continue with the next level which means that I will be giving up some of my evenings. I hope the workload won’t be too crazy. The course starts at the end of next month which I’m not very happy with because there’s a long gap where I wouldn’t be consistently learning German. But I think I will start using Duolingo again in the meantime now that I’m starting to get the basics down. I also have a few textbooks to flip through. The course is supposed to end in May and I hope they will have the next level right after. I’m hoping to finish the intermediate levels by the end of this year.

We’ve been without water since this morning. However, we have just discovered that our shower and toilet still works which is good enough for now. I think the pipes might have frozen over due to the sudden dip in temperature. There’s been a string of bad things happening in the past couple of months. First we were without a fridge for over a month, then I had my visa problems, then no internet for over a week, then my headphones and my roommate’s set of travel passes were stolen and now this. I’ve also been having a lot of problems with banking and other bureaucracy things. Hopefully things will settle after this month is over. I’ve been sleeping poorly lately and I don’t know why. Overall it’s been very exhausting and mentally draining. But it makes me more determined.

Things are going to just keep getting crazier and busier but I’ll be ready.


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