I’ve gotten a good start on my New Years resolutions. I found several decently priced German courses and have registered for one. I have to give up my weekends for awhile but I think it’s a good sacrifice to finally be able to speak some German. After the first level, I will have to start sacrificing some evenings for German. Hopefully I will be intermediate by the end of the year! I’ve invested in some cheap paints and a cheap electric guitar package so we shall see where I go with that. I want to be super focused on being creative this year. I want to be able to get my ideas out of my head and into reality. I may also join my roommate in some dance classes but we shall see because it’s all in German. It will probably improve my German AND my fitness though! I’m just worried about injuring myself…

I’m a bit excited to start school again! I miss seeing my classmates everyday~ Hopefully we can start some of the projects that I have suggested as well.


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