I epically fail at keeping an actual blog. One of my New Years Resolutions is to write a blog entry every Sunday. Let’s hope it works out!

I don’t remember where I left off in my last entry so I’ll just write a basic summary of the past few weeks.

We have been working on our first big project for the past month called “The Reveal.” We will be filming it in the second week of school when we get back. I had changed my script completely during every draft because the tutor was not too keen on my ideas. However, he adored my third idea which was good because it was the only one that I was truly satisfied with. However, the DOP did not understand my story and wanted to change the dialogue to something happy and my ending to something really cheesy. Apparently he didn’t understand anyone else’s script except for Reinhard’s. Either way, I’m really excited to film my reveal and hopefully I’ll be able to make it work the way I envision it.

I’ve been having problems with getting a residence permit. Apparently our University is a not an “official” University so we have to either apply to a new University or else go home. It was a bit upsetting because Kyle and I went twice and the second time we waited 3 hours in the cold in order to get a number to see someone. It took another 2 hours to get the disappointing news. We have til the end of March to get everything figured out. A friend of mine has told me to enrol as a guest student in another University or else marry a European. If worst comes to worst, I will enrol in another University but not attend because it is apparently free…? Reinhard’s son also asked his Professor friend for me and he told me to put pressure on the London location of the school. We shall see what happens!

For the holidays, I started off in Prague. Corine stayed with me for one day so we hit all the hotspots in that one day. After that, I was there for a further 3 days. It’s a really beautiful city but it was too touristy for me. All the shops and restaurants were geared towards tourists and I didn’t really like that. I also got lost a lot (big surprise there..). After that, I took a bus to Vienna to meet up with Reinhard. Him and his friend Norbert picked me up and we had a quick, rushed look at Vienna because heading back up to Upper Austria where they lived. It was super foggy on the drive up so I didn’t get a good look of the surroundings. Reinhard’s home was beautiful and had a gorgeous view of the mountains. Norbert lived right next door. For the next few days, we road tripped through Upper Austria and parts of Czech into small villages that have been preserved since the 14th century. Norbert was well versed in his history and thus I was able to learn a lot during my travels. It was stunning. I felt like I was living in a museum. We were also lucky to be graced by wonderful weather with Christmas day being 17 degrees. Apparently they weather only let up when I arrived (but it really did when I mentioned the devil which was really weird).

I think Austria has become my new favorite country and I really hope to go back soon. Reinhard and his family have been so wonderful to me and Norbert and his son as well. I’m starting to feel like I fit in and get along better with much older people.

Hopefully I’ll be heading to Leipzig and Dresden next, before school starts. I am so excited! I want to stay in Europe forever!


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