Hello again!

I just finished a week of Screen Arts in school with the most amazing tutor ever! She was such a lovely woman, very passionate about the subject and extremely kind. All the things I learned through my Humanities degree came back into play as a chunk of it was integral for Screen Arts which is largely theory based. I’m actually very interested in getting back into the subject again so I have ordered some Jung and Freud books as well as some extra film books. I’m very excited to dive deeper into these topics and hopefully it will help me write better stories. We watched a lot of clips from a diverse range of films this week and I really want to watch all of them in it’s entirety. I’ve actually developed a newfound appreciation for documentaries and am actually very excited for our documentary module later on in the school year. I’m also very interested in experimental filmmaking and animation! Next week we dive back into our scripts which I’m not so excited for. We also have a pile of assignments that are due as well.

I need to find some time to indulge in more films and books because I’ve been too busy lately. I watched a documentary yesterday called How to Make Money Selling Drugs which was very interesting however it didn’t seem to have a real point to it. Tomorrow my roommate and I will be attending a full day of premieres at the Raindance film festival which I’m very excited for! We will be watching a set of shorts, two documentaries and one film. Talk about a long day.

My trip to Switzerland has been cancelled because it is MUCH too expensive. I could buy half of a camera with that money. Instead, I will continue my plans of going to Czech and Austria but I will also be going on a short weekend trip to Dresden with some friends!

I’m planning on trying to add more useful habits to my daily schedule. I’m also super tired so I think I should start doing some yoga in the morning to wake myself up. I need to start working out again.. I am also hoping to start doing 10 minutes of writing first thing each morning which will hopefully help me improve.

Also, I mentioned that I was an extra in a short film in my last post. They were extremely behind time for their shoot so we were placed into a different scene. It was really fun filming and we managed to point out some continuity issues that the crew missed. Yay us!

All in all, I absolutely adore Berlin!


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