Freut mich!

On Wednesday night I was sick for the first time since coming here. That was my first instance of homesickness or rather, asking myself why I did this to myself. I assume it was the late night power cappuccino that made me sick and I ended up puking 3 times in succession. It was not fun as I was induced with chills and felt like I was going to pass out. I rarely find myself in situations where I vomit but there I was. I felt really sick and really alone.

Yesterday I was worried about meeting up with my classmates since my stomach was still a little bit tender from the night before.  We met at a famous bar called Paris Bar. There were some x-rated photographs and quotes which was very.. interesting. It was quite expensive as well. My classmates seem pretty nice so far and most of them are not really party people so I felt a bit relieved. It’ll be easier for me to fit in! As I thought, everyone there that day was younger than me however, there is apparently a 62 year old man who will be taking the course with us as well which is pretty cool. I’m starting to become more excited about starting class.

One of my classmates lives really far and was looking for a place that is closer so I may have a new roommate! I’ll be glad because it’s way too quiet by myself. I really miss having a cat around. I am actually EXTREMELY tempted to get a cat but it’ll be a very bad idea. First of all, there will be the added cost. If I travel, I will have to pay for a sitter. It will be a huge hassle bringing the cat back with me (I refuse to abandon it). If I bring it back with me, my cats will be very pissed and I don’t think we can support 3 cats and 3 turtles. Hopefully I get a roommate soon and it’ll all be good.


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