Alright so my preparations are well underway. I just returned from a 4 day trip to Deadmonton from my grandfather’s funeral, it was a very solemn affair especially for my poor grandmother who feels abandoned.. There was some family drama as per usual which I tried to avoid. My sister is currently visiting me in Toronto with her baby (it was a nightmarish flight) so I know that I won’t get much sleep for the next 10 days.

While there, I managed to snag 3 suitcases on sale and managed to save over $700! I only packed a backpack so I managed to shove all the suitcases into eachother and then put in my backpack. I also got a couple of vaccum seal bags to save more space. I’ve signed my contract for my apartment rental, paid the deposit and now all I need to worry about is a plane ticket!

Turns out my friend most likely won’t be going with me as she has still not received a reply to her application. I had to rent the place that we were both going to rent together because all the smaller/cheaper ones I looked up were snatched up. This shall be interesting!


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